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Project Community Garden (PCG) began in 2014 as a student-run project, working in partnership with Sydenham Street United Church. PCG is completely volunteer run and is part of the Church’s Social Justice & Outreach Program.

In 2017, a Small Group was formed, with church members taking on a more active role in the production and upkeep of the Garden. 

The Purpose of the Garden is to create a biologically productive and educational space in which members of the Kingston community can learn about and engage in urban agriculture. In doing so, we seek to lessen the disconnect between us and our food and promote concepts of food sovereignty.

The Garden’s Harvest is donated through Loving Spoonful’s “Grow a Row” program, which helps provide healthy meals to individuals and families who might not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. This initiative has contributed approximately 300 kgs. (660 lbs.) of produce over the 2017-2020 growing seasons – not a bad effort for such a small space (21’ x 42’)!

Every effort is made to keep the garden attractive as well as productive – there are tulips and daffodils in the spring and a variety of perennials in the summer months – although, the vegetables in the garden can look pretty nice when they are doing well. Take a look at our photo gallery for 2020.

The Volunteers – Many thanks to our small but dedicated team of volunteers!  Those who currently care for the Community Garden at The Spire are members of the Sydenham Street United Church congregation but we are always interested in recruiting members of the Queen’s community and/or the community at large.

Challenges – This year, we were challenged, not by the critters of 2018, but by the growing conditions.  It was an incredibly hot and dry July and, sadly, the ‘locally adapted organic vegetable seeds’ that we purchased just didn’t pan out. This resulted in a poor showing for beans, beets, and carrots.

Unlike many Community Gardens in Kingston, The Spire/Sydenham Street United Church’s Community Garden donates 100% of its produce to Loving Spoonful’s Grow A Row Project.

The Garden has proved to be a very rewarding initiative both for the community and for the people tending it – with the work being more therapeutic than arduous.

If you would like to participate in this Community Project – please call or email us at:

Tel: (613) 542-9616 Email:

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Garden Brochure 2020

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Late summer harvest 2020

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