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New Life, Resurrection!

Who We Are

We are a vital faith community and Affirming congregation within The United Church of Canada. We believe “God’s love is for everyone.” We celebrate diversity, inclusivity and abundant life, informed by Jesus’s teaching and The Bible. We are committed to spiritual development, social justice and artistic expression. We welcome all and strive to build healthy, nurturing relationships with each other. We seek to build community locally and globally. We are located at The Spire in downtown Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Worship Services Online

SSUC’s church services will remain online until further notice.  As conditions of virus infection evolve, please see the News from SSUC email for the latest information. The online Virtual Coffee Time gatherings will begin at 10:00 hr, for half an hour of conversation and fellowship. The link for this Coffee Time was sent in the News from SSUC email. See below for further information and links to bulletins and recordings.

Easter Season Services  – During the next six Sundays, we will revisit the images, poetry and original musical compositions created by SSUC clergy and lay members, as they walked “The Easter Road to Pentecost” together many years ago.  The first two services will focus on the scripture passages and the group process, which inspired these original works.  In the next three services, other community members will reflect on how these creative works may continue to inspire us.  In the final service, we will consider what the message of the first Pentecost means for us today. Our Easter season worship leaders are:


  • Sunday, April 19 – Rev. Elizabeth Macdonald
  • Sunday April 26 – Barbara Carr, with other members of the “from Light into Light” group
  • Sunday, May 2 – Don Mitchell, Engaging the Spirit
  • Sunday, May 9 – Michael Fenn, Art and Soul
  • Sunday, May 16 – Ian Malcolm, Social Justice and Outreach 
  • Sunday, May 23 – Marylil Megginson and Vicki Ruthven

Recorded weekly services become available by 10:30 hr every Sunday at: https://www.youtube.com/user/SydenhamStreet.

The weekly Service Bulletin is available here Read more.

Receive comfort and inspiration from the words, music and images of our worship leaders through recordings of Our Worship Services available here Read more.

Please contact us with comments or general questions about SSUC, the website, getting on the mailing list, etc via Email: web@sydenhamstreet.ca

Listen to reflective music by the “virtual” SSUC choir singing the anthem “No Rose Bloomed in Gethsemane“, prepared for Easter holy season https://youtu.be/NdpTgUCWV54.

Essential Workers – They are very tired physically and mentally. 

We are constantly reminded about the really difficult lives essential workers have now, and had over the past year!  Essential workers include workers in healthcare (doctors, dentists, psychologists, nurses, orderlies, caregivers), first responders (firefighters, police, paramedics), critical goods ( grocery store workers, food processors, warehouse workers), transportation (train, bus, truck, air crews and maintenance workers), teachers, daycare workers, financial services.

Please keep these people in your prayers as we continue to work our way through the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic!

Latest News

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