Our Leadership – Minister and Staff


We are in the process of calling a new minister.  Please contact the Office Administrator for more information.

Music Director and Organist

Arriving December 1


Contact Information
Office Administrator: Lisa Leavitt (613-542-9616 Ext 202)

Don Mitchell

Operations Manager: Donald Mitchell (613-542-9616 Ext 201)
Donald Mitchell has been operations manager of SSUC for the past decade. His role is to manage building needs, occupancy aspects, and facilitate arising matters on behalf of the diverse organizations at The Spire. It’s an inspiring building community for Arts, social justice & outreach, and faith-based pursuits. Don is grateful to SSUC for the opportunity to learn, grow and develop as a person in this unique ‘church’ position that has evolved into a central role in one of Kingston’s busiest hubs. It’s work that engages his many passions from Arts and Culture to urban growth and barrier-free advocacy.

Justin Sowik

Custodian: Justin Sowik (613-770-0474)
Justin Sowik has been the custodian at Sydenham Street United Church since 2013.  His primary role is to keep the building and grounds clean for all user groups at The Spire. Additionally, he assists with and helps facilitate many diverse events such as community and arts events, festivals, lectures, and worship services. This has given him a great opportunity to become a part of the broader community and connect to many different groups and organizations in and around Kingston. He believes Sydenham Street United Church is embracing the future by being a hub of creativity, ideas, and community, and looks forward to continuing to be a part of SSUC in the years to come.

Sydenham Street United Church Office Tel: 613 542-9616
Email:  sydenham@kos.net


Chair of the Congregation:  Ian Malcolm
Secretary: Barbara Parker
Treasurer: Kirby Ruthven
Chair, Board of Trustees: Donna Delyea
Co-Chairs: Art and Soul:  Barb Carr & Ellie Deir
Chair, Engaging the Spirit:  Linda Hutchinson
Chair, Finance Committee: Jack Soule
Chair, Ministry & Personel: James Leake
Chair, Property: Kenn Doerksen
Chair, Social Justice and Outreach:  Michael Purcell
Chair, Worship Committee: Eileen Woloshyn
Coordinator, Communications: Lynn Freeman

Updated 2020 11 25