Joint Truth and Reconciliation Action Group

The Meeting of the Eagle and the Dove by Mervin Meekis, an artist from Sandy Lake Reserve who died in 2000, was presented to the 31st General Council 1986 during the consideration of the Apology to First Nations. Used with written permission from the United Church of Canada.

Joint Truth and Reconciliation Action Group

The JTRAG members want to understand the history and current situation of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. The Group is hosted by Chalmers, Faith, and Sydenham Street United Churches in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Established in November 2016, the Joint Truth and Reconciliation Action Group members seeks:

  • To educate ourselves and others on the legacy of colonialist policies and practice on Canada’s first peoples, including hosting events;
  • To listen, learn and share new knowledge about the priorities, opportunities and options for reconciliation of Canada’s many peoples;
  • To participate in events and other activities on behalf of the group; 
  • To work with others to advance these goals;
  • To share information on events being held within the broader community on indigenous culture and history, public policy and related themes.

The Group formally reports to the Outreach and Social Justice Committee at Sydenham Street United Church and other bodies at the other two churches.


Lay representatives from Chalmers, Faith, and Sydenham Street United Churches as well as others who share an interest in and commitment to advancing reconciliation with Canada’s first peoples and changing the future are responsible for the group. Normally one member from two of the churches will serve as co-chairs of the group, responsible for setting the meeting agenda and ensuring that meeting notes are recorded and circulated.

Ex officio: Minister, Faith and Sydenham Street United Churches; Minister, Chalmers United Church. All are welcome to join this group. Contact us at: JTRAG @


Meetings will normally be held monthly, on a schedule determined each September by the group. In 2020-2021, the group organized an open on-line reading group to expand the understanding of the impact of colonialism on the first peoples of North America, including how it continues to manifest itself today. Reading sessions opened with an introduction to the reading under discussion, followed by moderated small-group discussion ending with plenary sharing. View the 2020-2021 Reading Group poster.

Starting in January 2022, join us for a new online reading and reflection series based on the 2019 Report on the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. View the poster here. Note: Ended March 7, 2022

These Terms of Reference document were approved by the group, April 5, 2017.

Library and Resources

A collection of books gathered by the group is available for loan at Sydenham Street United Church. A list of the current collection titles is available online and as a downloadable PDF.

The group also maintains an informal list of resources contributed by participants. To contribute items to this list please contact us at:

A call to mourn, support and REMEMBER! This link also includes the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Reports.

Memberships and Collaborations

JTRAG is an associate member, and financially supports, The First Nations Child and Family Caring Society headed by Cindy Blackstock.

Three members of JTRAG are also members of the Land Council which supports Walking the Path of Peace Together.

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