Small Group Ministry

Small Group Ministry

Catch the Spirit of Friendship in Small Groups

Anyone who wants to meet others while enjoying a common activity is welcome to join a SSUC Small Group. Members of Small Groups find friendship and opportunities for casual conversation about important matters like social justice, and spirituality. Small Groups are one way people find that they can be church to and for each other at SSUC. You can sign up by emailing either Barbara Parrott or Sue Doerksen. Everyone is welcome!

Co-ordinators: Barbara Parrott 613-389-3601, Sue Doerksen 613-766-3254

About Our Small Groups

Small Group Ministry has been a long-standing feature of our church life.  It is a way to join with others in the pursuit of common interests or spiritual development. Some groups meet monthly, some more frequently. Small groups will start anew this fall; some new groups are in the early stages of development. Check the weekly bulletin for more information about the small groups available at SSUC. Please feel free to contact Sue Doerksen (613-766-3254) / Barbara Parrott (613-389-3601). If you have an ideas for a new group we would love to hear about it.

Monthly Meetings

Our Two Church Lunch and Learn Group .

This was our last meeting of this season of Lunch & Learn. Please let us know if there are speakers of topics/people you would like Lunch and Learn to invite for next year’s program.  Contact anyone on last year’s planning team with ideas you have – Juliet Milsome, Juliet Huntly, Al Fletcher, Jim Leake, Lynn Freeman, Gerald McGrath, Meikle Turner, and Bruce Hutchinson (

Tuesday Evening Book Group. Currently our gatherings are virtual on Zoom (see below) For further information, contact Ellie Deir.

Fixers:  every Thursday at The Spire, 1:00 – 3:00 PM.  No urgent jobs are pending, so next gathering will be in August (hopefully).  Contact Kenn Doerksen   613-766-3254 for more information.

Movies and Coffee:  Paused until further notice.  Gather at the Screening Room (Lower Princess St.).   Would another show time be better for you (4 p.m.-ish)?  Contact Barb Carr 613-544-4081.

Community Garden: 

Weeders anonymous?  No problem social distancing while working with others in the Spire Community Garden on Sydenham Street.  Friends and neighbours  are welcome to help “grow a row” for The Loving Spoonfuls.   Contact:   Lead Gardener,  Donna Delyea343-364-1758; .  No experience necessary, just a love of the out-of-doors and of watching things grow..  There’s wonderful work to be done with no-problem social distancing.  Tell your friends that they are welcome to feel their spirit blossoming in our community garden.   

Contact: Donna Delyea

Just Lunch: Paused until further notice.

List of Our Small Groups


The Movie and Coffee small group’s regular movie night is the last Monday of the month. We meet at the Screening Room for either of the movies that start about 7 p.m. Check the newspaper or the Screening Room website for exact start times. After the movies, we all have coffee together. New members welcome!  Contact Barb Carr for more information. 


Just Lunch gathering

Join members of the congregation for a casual lunch at an area restaurant. Enjoy food and fellowship with us once a month.

Paused until further notice due to Covid 19


The Evening Book Group meets on the final Tuesday of each month to share reactions to a book we have all read. Our group has been meeting, normally in members’ homes for more than twenty years – that’s a lot of books and a lot of fellowship. Currently our gatherings are virtual, on Zoom. Our selection for Tuesday July 27 2021 is to share insights about Richard Wagamese’s book Medicine Walk. Medicine Walk follows 16-year-old Franklin Starlight on his journey to find the perfect burial site for his terminally ill father, Eldon Starlight, a member of the Ojibway tribe of Indigenous peoples. Frank carries Eldon on horseback into the wilderness where Eldon wishes to die in the traditional manner of Ojibway warriors—facing East so that he can see the last sunrise of his last day on earth. For further information, contact Ellie Deir.


SSUC Garden
Our Garden

The Community Garden was a student run project, which worked in partnership with Sydenham Street United Church. The summer of 2014 was the first growing season, in which we grew a variety of heirloom vegetables and herbs, on a 12.8 m by 6.4 m plot located on the front lawn of Sydenham Street United Church. It has now been taken over by the Community Gardeners of Sydenham Street and the produce is donated through Loving Spoonful to help provide healthy meals to individuals and families who might not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

For More Information on our garden… Contact Donna Delyea.



Hiking Group:   Photos from July hike to Parrott’s Bay.  Next hike, Friday, August 20. To add your name to the group list, Contact:  Catherine Purcell (619) 540-3824 

Hiking group
Happy Hikers
Hiking group
Silly Hikers


Picture of Knitters on the Church Lawn

We have formed Prayer Shawl Ministry group, which will be meeting generally every 1 or 2 months (Zoom) on Friday from 1:00 – 2:00. This time is set aside for knitting/crocheting together, prayer, tips on instructions and technique, and conversation. Everyone is welcome.  Coordinator: Sue Doerksen (613-766-3254)…more information.


How many people does it take to change a light bulb?

Fixers in the church attic
The Fixers in the Church Attic

The Fixers meet on Thursdays from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. at the church for a time of work and social interaction as we do those small things that make our church space safer and attractive.  For more information contact Kenn Doerksen at 613-766-3254.

Fixers changing a light boul
Changing a Light bulb!

Fixers painting the front steps
Painting the Church Stairs

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