Summer Job Positions

This year, Sydenham Street United Church and The Spire has received federal funding to assist in the hiring of two young people to accomplish very useful and interesting projects.

Job Outlines and Hired Personnel, starting Monday, June 7 2021

1. External Community Engager – Mack Megan Leveque-Fraser

Build relationships with other community organizations currently addressing local needs that could benefit from engaging with The Spire, especially those representing marginalized people.

  • Review, and utilize, information developed by previous summer studies on the position of The Spire in the Kingston community.
  • Engage with other community contacts to discern how to form connections with the BIPOC and other underserved members of the community.
  • Recommend how to evolve to a more diverse service organization, and create lasting relationships.
  • Develop a community narrative on how older buildings (like churches) and their organizations can transition to be new service providers, with a new range of contributions.  

Skills:   Communications, networking; self-starter, outgoing, creative writer; trained in equitable practices

2. Business Innovation and Operations Facilitator – Jennifer Ye    

In concert with the Business Management Group and the Board of Friends of The Spire, renew the business model for The Spire, recognizing the changing realities of this past year.

  • Reassess opportunities for increased usage of the facilities of The Spire, factoring the emerging realities and societal needs of recent years.
  • Update the marketing plan for The Spire, based on learnings from the pandemic experience.
  • Formalize the separation of the financial operations of The Spire from those of the church.
  • Evaluate options, recommend and implement systems and online tools to facilitate business tracking, reporting and communications processes among staff and leadership

Skills:    Project management, business accounting; administration; communications; organization of not-for-profits  

Due to the late start, our 16-week federally-supported program will run until September 24th.

Kingston Heritage Grant

A grant for $7,200 has been received from the City of Kingston Heritage Fund. The grant is funding salaries during summer 2021 for two people who will implement the grant “The Spire: Telling our Stories.” This exciting initiative will attract tourists and locals, and spread the story of The Spire.

Friends of The Spire proudly introduce our two Storytellers, Dana Ruprecht and Siobhan McMahon, who are with us for the summer months. Find their Instagram posts and see our beautiful building and the people who make up its community, with fresh eyes and a new perspective.
Siobhan and Dana are with us because of our successful grant from the City of Kingston Heritage Fund. Don’t miss their latest posts on Instagram! 

                Updated 2021 09 05