Sound Quality in the Sanctuary – Feedback Invited

This is a high priority for the new executive.  Long-standing concerns about the quality of sound in the sanctuary have become more complicated with our commitment to deliver safe and inspiring worship in the SSUC sanctuary and simultaneously to many remote locations.  Ian Malcolm and Eric Carstens are part of a small group, working with Don Mitchell and Lisa Leavitt, assisted by Michael Gourgon, retired CBC sound technician and long time Domino Theatre Kingston volunteer among other activities whose technical expertise has proved immeasurably helpful. The quality of the spoken-word in the sanctuary appears already much improved.  The microphones and speaker locations have been adjusted and tested.  The frequency controls on the sound board have also been adjusted to remove the low- and high-end frequencies outside the range of the human voice, minimizing echo and distortion. And so far, the improvements have been made using existing equipment, with no cost to the Church.  
This work will continue with new priorities:  1) the re-wiring of all speaker and microphone connections and cables in the sanctuary, 2) discussions with the Building Management Committee and Friends of the Spire about moving the sound board to a purpose-built location at the rear of the main level of the sanctuary, and 3) a series of workshops (beginning with a Zoom meeting next week, advertised in the News at SSUC email) to address speaking techniques for maximum clarity in our Sanctuary. Feedback to Ian or Eric is most welcome.