Protocol for Attending SSUC Services

The COVID-19 virus variants continue to spread, in the province and in Kingston. By now most of us are fully vaccinated. Just the same, we need to be prudent and follow the Provincial Regulations.  While in the building it is still required that masks, covering the nose, mouth and chin, are worn and physical distancing of 2 metres from others is maintained. Here’s how we must behave if we want to continue coming to our church on Sundays, beginning on September 5, 2021. 

Important:  Rules We Must Follow When Attending Church!

Please do not attend if you have any COVID symptoms; had contact with a confirmed, or probable case of COVID-19 in the last 10 days; have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days AND been advised to quarantine.  

Upon Arrival:

  1. Enter via the William St. entrance, using the ramp and maintaining a 2-metre distance from others.
  2. In the lobby, register your attendance with the greeter.

Inside the Building

  1. At all times, wear a mask, fully covering the nose, mouth and chin. Maintain a safe, 2-metre  distance from others.
  2. When you enter the Sanctuary, please go directly to the seat the usher has indicated for you. Please don’t stop anywhere to talk with anyone who’s seated, or move along an empty pew to visit with someone.    
  3. Please remain seated after you’ve removed your coat and hat.  
  4. Unless you’re speaking at a lectern in the service, you must keep your mask on at all times

During the Service:

  1. If you need to leave the Sanctuary for any reason, please move to the aisle nearest you and walk along it to the front of the Sanctuary.  Exit by the right-hand door beyond the piano.  When you return, please retrace this route, distancing yourself from others.  You must keep your mask on.

After the Service:

  1. Only leave when instructed to do so by the ushers. Please remain at your seat during the Postlude. After the music finishes, there will be time allotted to put on your coat so that you can move directly to the exit.  You will leave through the front doors.  People in the rear rows will exit first. If you have mobility challenges, you’ll be helped to leave via William Street. 
  2. Please do not stop until you have left the building – not in the aisle, not in the doorway, not on the steps, or ramp.  Maintain the safe distance from others, and help them to exit by leaving as efficiently and swiftly as you are able.  Once you’re outside conversations are welcome – at a distance.

Thank you for obeying these rules every Sunday.  We hope to maintain the privilege of attending church in the Sanctuary, and to do so we must behave safely.  Then, we’ll each feel safe when we’re at The Spire