Honouring One of our Angels, Don Robinson

In June 2020, Don Robinson gave up his role as SSUC web developer and webmaster. Don learned how to use web development software for the SSUC site, and took on the largely invisible, thankless and endless work of maintaining and updating the websites for SSUC and subsequently The Spire.  He later added managing Facebook to his communications portfolio and for nearly a decade led our web and social media activities. “Content” is always a challenge for volunteer-led organizations, so Don both prodded people and delved for content to post.  A new Communications Team of five is carrying on this work that Don so successfully pioneered on SSUC’s behalf.

Don’s long-standing commitment to the SSUC community extends far back in time and in each role, large or small, he applied the same faithful commitment to these responsibilities. For decades, he oversaw the budget planning and reporting processes. His most formative work perhaps came in the early 2010s, as SSUC was looking for a new model to support the congregation’s financial viability. His work, with others, gave vision to “The Spire,” recognizing the value of our beautiful heritage building as a community asset and the financial benefits of sharing its maintenance costs with new users. This work led to SSUC’s hiring of Don Mitchell as the Operations Manager to support this larger vision as well as the formation of the Friends of the Spire board from which Don only recently retired.

Don performed many other tasks on behalf of both organizations, demonstrating his adaptability, reliability and enthusiasm for social engagement. A couple of years ago, Don signed up with Mary Ev Wyatt to share the role of Point Person for Circle 2 of the Circles for Companionship in downtown Kingston– keeping lists, visiting, phoning, delivering flowers at Easter and cake at Christmas, arranging tea parties at St. Lawrence Place . . . and keeping very good track of all his people.  

We have thanked Don before and will no doubt do so again for his generous and gracious work on our behalf.  At this time, it seems right to thank him, especially for his work in leading SSUC to a new vision for long-term sustainability and community.  

Communications Working Group – Eric Carstens, Ellie Deir, Susan Doerksen, Lynn Freeman, Bruce Hutchinson