Grief and Support and Solidarity

To: Islam Elkorazati,
President, The Kingston Islamic Centre

Dear Mr Elkorazati,
I am writing to you on behalf of the faith community of Sydenham Street United Church, to send our heartfelt support and concern to the faith community of the Kingston Islamic Centre in this grievous time.  The shocking news from London, Ontario of murderous hatred directed at the Afzaal family, and at the Muslim communities throughout Canada, has compelled us to join you in condemnation of the  ignorance which spawns such deeds, and in affirmation of a  society supported and strengthened by joint understanding, tolerance, respect, kindness and shared responsibility.  I know there will be a time for expressing our grief and our support more publicly, but I wanted to convey to you our feelings of deep sadness, shared pain, and supportive commitment, as quickly as possible.  In our worship this coming Sunday we will join the Muslim community throughout Canada in prayer, In the meantime, with profound sorrow and, with resolve, we pledge our support to your faith community in Kingston.  
Yours in worship,
Ian Malcolm, Chair of  the Congregation, 
Sydenham Street United Church,
82 Sydenham Street,Kingston,
Ontario K7L 3H4

Tuesday, June 8, 2021