Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms

Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms

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The Celebration of Marriage at Sydenham Street United Church

 We at Sydenham Street United Church believe and affirm:



Human beings are created in the image of God, with the desire and capacity not only to love, but to commit to a life-long partnership with one who is lover, friend and companion. This loving commitment or covenant must be based on mutual respect
and trust.

Same-sex couples are as welcome to be married here as heterosexual couples. We celebrate marriage as an institution in which two people- a woman and a man or two women or two men- can live their love and their life-long commitment to each other. We seek God’s blessing on all those who marry, so that they may live the vows they make on their wedding day.

In this imperfect world, not all promises are kept and not all marriageWedding Handss last. We are ready to support those who, after healing from past  hurts and learning from past mistakes, are ready to commit themselves to a new life partnership.

The impact of marriage is enormous, and hopefully will offer each couple a secure, safe, loving environment in which they can continue to grow and become all they can be and make a positive difference in the lives of their friends and family and in the wider world.

Getting married is a bold and daring step! We at Sydenham Street United Church are glad to support and guide you in the planning and preparation of your wedding; and then to celebrate with you as you make this significant life-commitment. We pray you will open yourselves to God’s blessing all along the way.

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Beginning of Life – Baptism & Other ServicesBaptism Jug

Sydenham Street United Church offers two different services to mark the birth of a child and celebrate with the family:

Baptism Jug Water For those parents who are or would like to become active in Sydenham Street United Church and are ready to make a public commitment to raise their child in the Christian faith, The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated during Sunday Morning Worship.

Service of Celebration & Thanksgiving
: For those parents who wish to welcome a child into their family and pray for God’s blessing, who are not ready or interested in committing themselves to church involvement, The Service of Celebration can be celebrated in the family home or at another location or during Sunday Morning Worship.

If you are interested in exploring either option,  contact 613.542.9616 or

 End of Life – Funerals & Memorial Services


If you or someone you love is approaching the end of life and would like to receive pastoral care, talk about spiritual concerns or discuss plans for a service to mark the end of life, please get in touch with  the office at 613-542-9616 ext. 201.