The Easter Road

Light Into Light

The Easter Road to Pentecost

The Light into Light series has won one of four Bene awards presented each year by Ministry and Liturgy Magazine in California. The jury was made up of multidisciplinary professionals in sacred art and architecture. Entries were judged on their liturgical relevance, originality, overall concept, aesthetic appeal, and craftman ship & use of materials.

It was also featured in the United Church Publication, “mandate”. Congratulations to Barb, Norm, and Ashley.

Barb and NormThe Easter Road consists of a series of eight images designed in 2008 by Barbara Carr. The images are of mixed media, created with many layers of tissue and other papers overlaid on a background colour wash of acrylic paint. Each image includes the circle (a symbol of unity, eternity, completeness), one of eight colours (the three primaries, the three secondaries, plus black and white), a natural form of light (e.g., sun, moon, etc.), and often a reference to the Ontario landscape.

Each image is accompanied by a psalm written by Norm Esdon and music by Ashley Vanstone.