Our Minister

Reverend Barry King

Reverend Barry King

The Chalmers/ Sydenham Street Joint Search Committee was delighted that on Sunday, June 10, 2018, the Congregation accepted our recommendation to appoint the Rev. Barry King as our Intentional Interim Minister starting on September 10, 2018 for two years.

Reverend King received his Master’s in Divinity from Queen’s University in 1985 and accepted his first charge later that same year in Bonnyville, Alberta. His Ministry work has taken him to various parts of the country with much of it being in the greater Toronto area. Reverend King has had extensive training in Mediation & Arbitration and in Conflict Resolution. More importantly, he has a Certificate in Interim Ministry and has a wealth of experience in this area, including 2½ years as the Interim Minister at Sydenham St United Church, during a particularly difficult time of transition – from January 2000 to June 2002. His strengths include: leadership development, visionary work and the ability to  discern their ministry.

In 2014, Rev. King was chosen by General Council – Division of Missionalong with 17 other UCC ministry personnel from across Canada to beinvolved in a 2-year program on developing new models of ministry in faith communities.

When we asked Barry what he would like us to say in this introduction of him, he provided the following:

“I was born and raised in the city of Kingston, as was my wife Linda. Enthusiasm and excitement embrace me as I prepare myself to begin this new spiritual journey in Intentional Interim Ministry with the Chalmers and Sydenham Street faith communities. Before entering ministry, I spent time in the business world in different vocations. During my time in ministry I have been fortunate to live in a variety of places in Canada and experience the great multicultural diversity we share as a country. A couple of my passions in ministry are in the areas of social justice, Habitat for Humanity, multi-faith dialogue and contemplative spirituality. I consider myself to be an evolutionary mystic who is passionate about “living the questions”. Always wondering how as a faith community we can use the sacred texts, tradition and experience to lead people into new places with the Holy One, with life, with themselves. I look forward in joining you on this new spiritual journey as we wrestle with what it might mean for us to be the church, in new and relevant ways in the 21st century. Shalom”

Contact: Rev. Barry King
Tel: 613.542.9616, ext. 203
Email: barry.king@chalmers-sydenhamstreet.com