Circles of Companionship

Circles of Companionship

Caring for one another…. . . is a privilege and a responsibility.  As we do this, a sacred trust is bestowed that invites one into the intimacies and complexities of others’ lives.  Caring for One Another is a shared partnership of our minister, and the people of Sydenham Street United Church .

Helping HandsIn caring for one another at SSUC, our congregation is divided geographically into several neighbourhoods – Circles of Companionship. Each Circle has a unique life of its own, depending on its members . . . meeting to share food and conversation, visiting ill and aging members , sharing sorrow, visiting each other’s work-places – farms, theatre, businesses – and celebrating joys – all in the presence of the Spirit.
Pastoral Care

Relationships that are supportive, encouraging, faithful and fun are formed as members care for one another.

For more information please call the church office at 613-542-9616

Community Pastoral Care

Sydenham St. UC &Chalmers UC:

Contacting Your Church Office by Phone:  Members of both congregations wishing to reach their church office or refer persons in hospital or care facility, ill at home or needing should call:

Minister at Sydenham Street: 613-542-9616 ext. 203,
Minister at Chalmers: 613-546-3263 ext. 226

Circles of Companionship

Pastoral care, the caring for one another both in a structured way and informally – one to one, is an important part of who we are as a congregation at SSUC. Through the Circles of Companionship and our minister, we reach out to everyone, including long-time members who have become disconnected, and shut-ins who long to be part of SSUC but who are no longer able to attend worship or events. Regular visits help develop a personal connection and build trust so when people need help they feel comfortable reaching out.

Linda Hutchinson has been part of Pastoral Care at SSUC for many years along with other representatives of the Circles of Companionship. “I feel very privileged that people share their needs with us and feel cared for.”

Linda remembers a time when one person told her with tears in their eyes that they felt like they were sandwiched between their children, who were experiencing challenges, and their aging parents who had significant health issues. Both generations turned to that person for support.

When Linda and others have intentionally connected with people like the person mentioned above, they are so grateful that someone cared enough to reach out to them.  They feel the SSUC community wrapping its arms around them.

As our Circles of Companionship continue to evolve, we are becoming more connected, experiencing care and support as well as getting to know one another socially.. the circle of Lifelong Care…so important in these changing times!

Circle News

SSUC Circles of Companionship Christmas Connections . . . .Today, as we bless Christmas cake and Christmas cards, we think of SSUC people who are no longer able to be as active as they once were in church activities. In the next week or so, Point Persons of the Circles of Companionship will visit these folks, taking the blessed cake and cards as a greeting from all of us. Many thanks to Beth Leake for the Christmas cake, and to Barb Carr and David Craig for the cards. . . . and of course, to our Circle Point Persons who will visit on our behalf.