Circles of Companionship

Circles of Companionship

Caring for one another…. . . is a privilege and a responsibility.  As we do this, a sacred trust is bestowed that invites one into the intimacies and complexities of others’ lives.  Caring for One Another is a shared partnership of our minister, and the people of Sydenham Street United Church .


Helping HandsIn caring for one another at SSUC, our congregation is divided geographically into several neighbourhoods – Circles of Companionship. Each Circle has a unique life of its own, depending on its members . . . meeting to share food and conversation, visiting ill and aging members , sharing sorrow, visiting each other’s work-places – farms, theatre, businesses – and celebrating joys – all in the presence of the Spirit.
Pastoral Care


Relationships that are supportive, encouraging, faithful and fun are formed as members care for one another.


For more information please call the church office at 613-542-9616

Community Pastoral Caring

Sydenham St. UC: For pastoral care in the month of April please contact Marylil Megginson <> 613-544-9420.

Chalmers UC: Please refer persons in hospital or care facility, ill at home or needing contact to the office 613 546-3263 ext. 222. In addition, Rev. Nancy Clarke has agreed to respond to pastoral care situations for Chalmers upon referral from the Pastoral Care Committee.


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