The Angel

The Angel


The Angelart & psalm inspired by: John 21:15-19


“The Angel” shows circles of energy/power radiating from the Angel’s face, in subtle rainbow colours, from white to yellow to orange, etc. The overall colour theme is white.

The natural light source represented is the lightening flashing around the Angel’s head. Other details include triangular pupils in the eyes (representing the Trinity, and also conveying an other-worldly appearance); the colours of dawn in the Angel’s skin tone; and the hand gestures, one down to indicate the empty tomb; the other up to indicate “Christ is risen.”


— Artwork by Barb Carr




Bless you Wise and Holy One
for caring enough to shake us
until the stones that entomb us
are rolled back.

Bless you for rolling back
our fear of change
our fixation on security
our idolizing the familiar
our distrust of openness
our dread of dead ends.

Bless you for opening us to
the challenge of change
the opportunity in risk
the adventure of the unfamiliar
the soul-to-soul of being more open
the new beginning in a dead end.

And bless you for your brilliant angel
who sits upon our stone
lest we be tempted to re-tomb
and roll our stone back.

Shaker of Tombs, Roller of Stones,
bless you for caring enough
to shake us open. AMEN.


— Psalm text by Norm Esdon